Specifically formulated to ensure that body art is protected, CrocArt is a highly effective skin rejuvinating serum that rapidly repairs skin and aids colour retention and image definition.

Protecting works of art

All works of art need protecting and this applies to Body art. Whether you’re a tattoo artist or somebody who loves tattoos on their body, CrocArt rapid repair serum is for you.



What’s so different about CrocArt?

1. CrocoArt used properly and regularly for a while before the tatto is applied, will show a marked improvement in the texture and condition of your skin. For those who have dry, flaky and uneven skin, the improvement in your skin will mean that the Tattoo line will have a better chance of being straight and even. This will lead to a better looking tattoo.

2 CrocArt not only keeps Tattoos moist for a long time it also prevents infections.

• CrocArt helps the skin to rapidly repair itself.
• CrocArt hydrates the skin, which reduces scabbing and minimises the loss of colour and definition.

3. CrocArt not only helps Tattoos heal quickly, but will, if applied regularly help to keep the colour rich & vibrant for years to come.

All this from one easy to use hygienic pump action dispenser. A few drops go a long way, which is great value.

What makes CrocArt so special?

CrocArt contains 100% pure crocodile oil that is enriched with natural skin strengtheners and conditioners.

What is in CrocArt?

• Omega 3, 6 and 9. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) needed for the body’s functions with strong anti-inflammatory properties.
• Vitamin E, is a major antioxidant and healing agent.
• Vitamin A, is a known skin repairer and antioxidant.
• Oleic Acid is a natural skin cell rejuvenator.
• Turpines are known antiseptics.
• Sapogens help to keep the skin supple.


It’s no coincidence that these apex predators have survived for over 250 million years. Their metabolisms operate at such a level that even when living in polluted water they do not get infections and when bitten or even lose a limb during fights in the mating season, their bodies soon recover. Interestingly humans and crocodile oils share similar biological make ups, only crocodiles have more intense skin rejuvenating properties, therefore when crocodile oil is applied to damaged human skin the repairing and soothing process is significantly accelerated.

• No crocodiles are reared for their oil.
• Animals are bred on government regulated farms and run to internationally recognised standards. Farmed crocodiles are reared for their high protein meat and skins.
The meat is sold cheaply and feeds the local population, while the skins are sold to major fashion houses around the world.
• The oil is a by-product & along with other waste is normally incinerated. All CrocodOil products are produced in the UK. So you can be sure of consistency and quality.