Crocodile Oil is
high in Omega
3,6,& 9 plus a host
of other powerful
skin revitalising

Skin Concerns

This page touches
on a few common
skin concerns and
explains why our
CrocodOil is all your skin needs.

There are several skin problems that concern women. If we don’t cover your particular problem in this page, please contact us for specific information and advice.

Skin concerns and how CrocOil helps
Itchy or flaky skin
CrocOil’s anti-inflammatory properties help to stop itching, helping skin to calm down, whilst its rich essential fatty acids deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin to eradicate dryness and flaky surface. The vitamin A and E combine to heal and repair for smoother, hydrated skin.


Red Skin
Redness is more common in fair skinned people and can worsen over time if left unchecked. Its appearance is greatly improved by the anti-inflammatory properties of the essential fatty acids in Omega 3, 6 and 9, together with Vitamin A and E contained in CrocOil plus the actions of the Terpines which are known antiseptics.


Wrinkles and stretch marks
Along with Sapogens which are proven skin softeners, the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks are softened by CrocOil’s vitamin A & E content plus Oleic acid which is another proven skin cell regenerator.

Cracked dry feet
CrocOil’s super hydrating powers make it very effective on cracked heals. With Vitamins A & E  antioxidants it combines the antiseptic properties of the terpines contained in the oil to help stop heals from becoming re-infected, which will allow your feet to become smoother again.


Sore hands
Everyday our hands are exposed to the environment and the chemicals used in everyday living. CrocOil’s sapogens gently sooth, soften and nourish your hands while the terpines help to keep them looking healthy and beautiful.


Crepey neck
It’s the dry, crepey look of the skin which ages the neck so noticeably. CrocOil boosts hydration and gives a more toned look to the skin, Oleic acid is a great skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent and along with vitamins A and E will rejuvenate the skin.