product range is so
pure & gentle it’s
great for young
sensitive skin.

Children & Teenagers

In this section we
look at skin
that can
affect people from
childhood and well
into their teens.

CrocodOil products are great for people of any age. Many people from childhood through to adulthood suffer from some form of skin irritation.

Skin issues can be very problematic not only from the discomfort for the individual but also socially. Children can be cruel, pointing at those who are different to them. This can in time give those who have skin issues real self-confidence problems. Taking part in physical activities can also be difficult. Boisterous play causes children to sweat and the salt in sweat can trigger a terrible itchy sensation. Even a swim in the sea or a day at the beach can be painful.

For dry & itchy skin
in sensitive places
or facial skin issues
CrocodOil’s ‘PURE’
range is perfect for
the whole family,
whatever their age.
Infants and young children

Delicate infant skin can be affected by soreness, red, dry and flaky skin that can be difficult to control by creams or oils without unwanted side-effects.

How can CrocOil help

CrocOil is hypoallergenic and not known to have any side-effects or cause skin irritation and almost immediately calms the skin to stop the need to scratch. Without scratching, the skin uses the Omegas in CrocOil which have strong anti-inflammatory properties to calm down redness, allowing the vitamin A and E to work at healing and repairing the skin back to its natural healthy state.


Skin concerns through puberty & teenage years can really knock self-esteem and take over adolescents’ lives.

Daily use of CrocOil absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feel and when used in place of other moisturisers can have a positive effect on the feel and comfort of skin, in that inflammation and heat in the skin is also reduced.

Scarring from previous spots or acne breakouts is less noticeable and the non-comedogenic nature of crocoil does not clog the pores or encourage fresh breakouts.

If you have any skin complaints that we have not covered, please contact us and we will try to help. For further information on how CrocodOil can help with your skin issues contact us at