I used ‘Pure’ Oil to sort out my damaged feet. The itching of athletes and sore cracked heals, are now back to normal.
Jamie Personal Trainer and Rugby player.

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Walking barefoot doesn’t help, but playing rugby and getting my feet bruised, cut, wet on a regular basis has contributed to my feet being sore and very uncomfortable.
Between the toes is very itchy and I developed a fungal infection on my toe nails.
Once CrocodOil was applied I quickly began to notice a marked improvement on my feet.

Heals – Timeline.
Day 1. The itching stopped and the skin stopped flaking.
Day 5. I began to get noiceable improvement on my heals. The cuts began to heal and the soreness disappeared completely.
Day 9. Skin quite soft and the broken, flaky skin almost gone.
Day 12. Heals look a lot better almost back to normal.

Toe nail fungal infection. – Timeline.
Week 1. Very little to report, except the fungal infection wasn’t spreading and the pain in the toe nail had gone completely. A definite improvement but visually no difference.
Week 2-3. Toe nail begins to look better.
Week 4. Toe nail seem to have recovered very well .  


Q. How often did you apply the oil.
A. After training and in the morning as well as last thing at night

Q. How much oil did you use.
A. About 5 drops daily on each foot.

Q. Which CrocodOil product did you use.
A. I use 100% Pure.

Q. Any other uses
A. Yes I use it as a muscle rub. After training or a match I rub the oil into cuts and bruises and they seem to heal and reduce.

Overall comment.
CrocodOil Pure is an alround skin protector for the whole family. Luckily each drop goes along way. The fungal infection has not returned, however I do need to keep on top of my heels. Though my feet are better, the rugby remains the same! So I use a couple of drops a few times a week to maintain the condition of my feet.

Note: from CrocodOil: People’s skin can vary, so please
try a little to make sure it works for you.

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