To control my Rosacea and stop the soreness and reddness I used the ‘Pure’oil.

Now that it’s gone,
I use WhiteCroc face to keep my skin looking healthy & shaving rash away.

Dr Watson, Chorley

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When a close family friend told me about the effects of CrocodOil I decided to try it for myself. My wife has flare ups of dry, itchy skin, and has tried several forms of treatment but nothing seems to work.
So I thought that I would try CrocodOil on myself first. For years I have suffered from really red, sore skin as well as pimples and shaving can be a painful experience.
So I documented the effect of the oil on my face.

Initially the oil didn’t seem to make a lot of difference! However once I had shaved, and applied the oil evenly and repeated the process morning and night, I soon began to see a change in the texture and colour of my skin.

Day 1. Not much to report.
Day 3. Had a shave and then immediately applied the oil and made sure I repeated the oil application twice daily.
Day 5. I began to see real changes. Shaving not painful at all. With the skin smoother, the blade doesn’t snag on the surface of the skin.
Day 8. Looks smooth and soft again.

Q. How much oil did you use.
A. Only a drop or two on eack cheek.

Q. Which CrocodOil product did you use.
A. The Pure range seems to work for me.

Q. Any other uses
A. My wife uses it on her skin, and my little son rubs it on his face and says he wants to have a shave.

Overall comment.
It’s great. I also notice that my pimples seem to stay away longer and when they reappear a drop or two seems to clear them up.

Note: from CrocodOil: People’s skin can vary, so please
try a little to make sure it works for you.

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