Sore, itchy, red and uneven skin.
Barbara, Lancashire

To stop the itchiness and soreness caused by psoriasis I used CrocodOil ‘Pure’ Oil. For maintenance I continue to use a few drops at night.
Barbara, Lancashire

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I have always had sensitive skin and the slightest change in the weather can affect my skin.
Recently a small change in the face cream that I have used for years caused the reaction as demonstrated in the pictures.
The skin on my face became very itchy and sore and no amount of medication seemed to help.

A friend recommended CrocodOil.

Day 1. I tried a small amount on a bit of my cheek to see how my skin reacted. (The oil goes along way, so use sparingly) I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin did not have any negative reaction and felt more calm.
Day 2. My skin began to stop itching, while the redness and pain subsided after a few days.
Day 4. No more itching, also redness and pain virtually gone. Still a bit rashy.
Day 6. Rash almost completely gone.
Day 7. Skin back to normal.

I have had slight reoccurrences, however by applying the oil it quickly calms down.

…and afterwards?
After this last episode with my skin, I decided that a stronger more effective regime of skin care had to be adopted.
Luckily CrocodOil has a range of cosmetic creams that work perfectly with my sensitive skin.
So now CrocodOil is part of my daily skin care program and the oil is now the first thing I use if any of the family have any skin problems.

Note: from CrocodOil: People’s skin can vary, so please
try a little to make sure it works for you.

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