The skin around the eyes was crusty, dry, flaky and very itchy.
My skin looked tired, old and wrinkled. I used CrocodOiI ‘Pure’ what happened next, I literally couldn’t believe my eyes!

Margaret, Rotherham

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From time to time the skin on my face becomes very, dry and red. However the worst part of the problem is the intense itchiness.
Additionally the skin around my eyes becomes very flaky and can crack and become a bit weepy.
The weather, stress or even certain foods can trigger the condition.
I have tried several creams and even steroids but nothing has worked so well as CrocodOil.
I was given some to try. And quite simply it works.

Day 1. After washing my face in the morning I applied the oil direct to my face with particular attention around my eyes. The oil soaked into my skin quite quickly leaving it feeling softer and calmer.
I also noticed that almost immediately the itchiness began to subside.
I applied the oil after lunch and last thing at night.
Day 2. Overnight the redness had gone and the itching had now stopped. I repeated the same routine of the previous day.
Day 3. Flakiness had also gone and the texture of the skin around my eyes began to even out and the wrinkles seemed to be a lot less noticeable.
Day 4. My skin looked better again. In fact better than better!

My skin feels really strong and smooth. The papery, thin texture around the eyes has gone completely and the wrinkles and colour of my skin continues to look and feel great.
Unlike other times in my life when I have had skin problems, this time the skin has recovered quickly and stayed looking good. I carry a small bottle of the oil around with me and if there is the slightest feeling that my skin might be have a negative reaction, I quickly apply a few drops and my skin feels great again.

Note: from CrocodOil: People’s skin can vary, so please
try a little to make sure it works for you.

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